Just as the moon shifts between its awe-inspiring phases, each more marvelous than the next, so does each single of Dimond Saints’ Hunters Moon EP in its journey toward completion of their Shingetsu Chapter 2 album. The Oakland-based super team, comprising An-Ten-Nae and Releece, unleashed the latest in this glorious series, MidNight, [...]
Dimond Saints - MidNight
Dimond Saints Feat. Darryl Sir'rah - Stop Time
LAYLA is a London-based artist who makes melancholic indie pop. Dimond Saints, on the other hand, are a pair of Oakland producers who make “future beats & bass aka that sweet drip drop.” An unlikely pairing, perhaps, but just wait until you hear the Saints’ rework of her recent single, Smokestacks. The two opposite sides of the spectrum [...]
LAYLA - Smokestacks (Dimond Saints Rework)
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