Trance is very much alive and well at the moment, with both uplifting and big room sounds having a massive presence on the dance music scene. Yet it’s rare that you get a track that directly combines the two styles, and that’s where the latest release from Australian producer Nick Arbor comes in. Timecode combines stompy percussion with [...]
Nick Arbor - Timecode (Original Mix) [Digital Society]
Britain’s Dan Stone (pictured) and Poland’s Nitrous Oxide are both legends on the trance scene as purveyors of solid uplifting bangers. Having previously collaborated on Nautica a couple of years ago, they’ve joined forces again for another fine effort in the shape of Huayra. It’s not clear if Huayra is named for the mental supercar or [...]
Dan Stone & Nitrous Oxide - Huayra (Original Mix) [Digital Society]
Binary Finary have released their latest track Delorean, a collaboration with Algerian producer Mino Safy, and it’s another prime example of the duo’s decades of experience and influence. Delorean features a healthy dose of classic uplifting, a tiny bit of stompy big room, and masses of the psytrance which made the duo big in the first [...]
Binary Finary & Mino Safy - DeLorean (Original Mix) [Digital Society]
Binary Finary & Mino Safy - DeLorean (Pablo Anon Remix) [Digital Society]
Binary Finary cemented themselves firmly in trance folklore with 1998/1999 and the multitude of remixes that many people associate the name with. But if you listen to the original, and some of the other material they put out at the time, you get an idea for what the real Binary Finary is about–organic, melodic trance music that somehow [...]
Binary Finary - Waiting For The Sun (Original Extended Mix) [Digital Society]
Binary Finary - Waiting For The Sun (Club Mix) [Digital Society]
Binary Finary - Waiting For The Sun (James Dymond Remix) [Digital Society]
Throughout the history of EDM, British names such as Cream, Ministry, Godskitchen and Gatecrasher have stormed the planet, from Ibiza to South America–global brands, all starting in small run-down buildings across this relatively small island. But while many of the big names still continue, with some sadly lost, there are some new kids [...]
John O'Callaghan - Stresstest (John Askew Remix) [Armada]
Fast Distance - Quantique [Digital Society]
UK producer Genix has moved from strength to strength over the years, adapting from an early tech trance style to a more recent progressive trance streak. On Smoking Gun, a new collaboration on Enhanced sublabel Digital Society, he teams up with legendary UK trance act Binary Finary (pictured). After their classic track 1998, Binary [...]
Binary Finary & Genix - Smoking Gun (Original Mix) [Digital Society]
Binary Finary & Genix - Smoking Gun (Sequentia Remix) [Digital Society]
“Epic” is a word that’s been overused for years by now, but Alpine earns it in spades this time around. Belgian producer Fast Distance, a staple of uplifting trance, takes off with this diverse single on Enhanced imprint Digital Society. Fast Distance’s original mix is a solid, driving uplifter with a lead in the break that holds its own [...]
Fast Distance - Alpine (Original Mix) [Digital Society]
Fast Distance - Alpine (Karanda Remix) [Digital Society]
Fast Distance - Alpine (Paul Pearson Remix) [Digital Society]
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