The Los Angeles beat scene has become known for spitting out producers who are mainly influenced by the hazy, experimental tracks of Flying Lotus. But this is what makes Ostra‘s debut EP, Won’t Do/Zu-Zumba, so refreshing. He’s based in Los Angeles, but has made something completely removed from many of his peers. While they hide in [...]
Ostra - Won't Do (Original Mix) [DIE HIGH.]
Ostra - Zu-Zumba (Original Mix) [DIE HIGH.]
Hawaiian producer Mr. Aaron Carmack has made a name for himself with the sort of larger-than-life trap and wild bass music that’s perfectly befitting of an up-and-coming Mad Decent affiliate. This week, however, Carmack demonstrates a deeper sense of patient musicality with Oh, Brooklyn // Red Shift, his first release through Perth, [...]
Mr. Carmack - Oh, Brooklyn (Original Mix) [Die High Records]
Mr. Carmack - Red Shift (Original Mix) [Die High Records]
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