If you’ve been watching the news with any frequency in the last few weeks, you may have heard to a little movement called “Occupy Wall Street.” While this blog isn’t exactly the forum to express one’s political leanings, an artist by the name of Arkasia is using his latest album to make an unprecedented political statement. Hailing from [...]
Arkasia - Fall of the Republic (Original Mix) [Heavy Artillery]
Arkasia - New World Disorder (Original Mix) [Heavy Artillery]
Arkasia - Destiny (Original Mix) [Heavy Artillery]
It doesn’t seem fair that so much talent seems to be concentrated on the other side of the pond. Thomas Slinger, aka Gemini, is a definite reinforcement of that. The 20-year old Leicesterian recently released his first EP Blue much to the appeal of the dubstep community. Now ready to stun with a mini two-song release, Gemini has decided [...]
Gemini - Destiny [Beta]
Gemini - Without You [Beta]
Kelis - Brave (Gemini Remix) [Beta]
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