Kasper is not a well-known name to the majority of the drum’n’bass massive. However, the Minnesota native has recently seen a bump in popularity thanks to a very well known British DJ–namely, Crissy Criss. Since getting DJ support from the BBC 1Xtra host, Kasper has popped up on the radar of a full list of top-tier DJs, most notably [...]
Kasper - Departure (Original Mix) [Fokuz]
Kasper - Vivaldi (Original Mix) [Fokuz]
Kasper - Scorsese (Original Mix) [Fokuz]
I’ve always been a bit wary of dubstep and drum’n’bass. Unlike other genres of EDM, they have the ability to be highly unlistenable if poorly executed. Because the sound has the potential to be so abrasive, “hitting the right spots” can be exceedingly difficult. This may be the reason why finding good new producers in these genres is so [...]
xKore - Need You (Centra Remix)
Centra - Please Believe (Original Mix)
Centra - Departure (Original Mix) [Cognition]
Why do we have this fascination with films and books depicting the end of the world? How do feelings of despair and hopelessness make for entertainment? Whatever the reason, it has certainly found its way into our music. Nineteen year-old Daniel Mahüad is a perfect example of a DJ/producer that can express the deepest and darkest moods [...]
Daniel Mahüad - Departure (Original Mix) [Silk Digital]
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