Welcome back to Trap Tuesdays, dedicated to all my trapaholic brothers and sisters out there. Enjoy! Jackal – Caramel (Original Mix) I’m thrilled to welcome back Jackal this week with his genre-defining banger, titled Caramel. If this were to be found in a library, it would surely be filed under real trap sh*t. Free Download Here 4EU3 & [...]
Jackal - Caramel (Original Mix)
4EU3 & DMNDZ - Boss Anthem
Grandtheft & Christian Rich - Deep (Original Mix) [Spinnin]
Marques Houston - Naked (Lil Sad x Bear__Face Remix)
Meshach Gordon & Pymd - Substance (Original Mix)
It seems that more and more dubstep tunes are getting integrated with more complex wobbles and drops every day. Some people don’t seem to like the “brostep” sound, while others welcome it as a new and innovative evolution of the newly established subgenre. The same goes for trancestep. Well, whether you like the new wave of dubstep or [...]
Joe Ghost - I Just Came (Original Mix) [6n7]
So you say you like hard, bassy dubstep do you? Well, if you answered yes, then boy do I have a treat for you. More specifically, 6Blocc has a treat, and it’s anything but soft. Straight out of Golden Hill, California comes the deep-end dub hit, Legalize It (East Coast Mix). Being a dub producer from California, it seems only natural [...]
6Blocc - Legalize It (East Coast Mix)
Hello ladies and gents, my name is Foo Boi. I recently joined the <3 team and am so excited to be keeping you up to date with the latest and greatest in EDM. I come from Southern Cali and will be reporting on festivals, clubbing events, and the hot tracks here in SoCal. It's an honor and a privilege to be here on the site. Without [...]
Breakage feat Erin - Justified (Original Mix) [Digital Soundboy]
Sidney Samson feat Wizard Sleeve - Riverside (Let's Go!) (Breakage Remix) [Sneakerz MUZIK]
Breakage - Higher (Original Mix) [Digital Soundboy]
It’s the late 60’s and you’re swaying left and right like a palm tree to an incredible live performance by Pink Floyd. You’re twisted on more than you can remember and the psychedelic rhythms are running in and through the deepest reaches of your consciousness. Flash forward now to 2010. Their astoundingly creative melodies have been [...]
Pink Floyd - Echoes (DJ Kue Remix)
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