New York-based electro talent Deathwave is making all his unreleased tracks FREE on SoundCloud! The retro-electro producer-at-large captured our ears last December with a rockin’ electro-dubstep mix that featured some of his top-notch productions. Over time, he’s consistently released solid tracks while continuing to innovate and improve [...]
Deathwave - I Don't Even
Deathwave - Jack Her (Til She Screams)
Not too long ago, I introduced you guys to talented New York City up-and-comer Nate Rodriguez-Vera aka Nathan Vice aka Deathwave. I promised to do another post on him as soon as his new stuff dropped, and that is what I’d like to deliver to you guys right now. Introducing Deathwave’s first label-released track, Behemoth, out on [...]
Deathwave - Behemoth (Original Mix) [DJs Are Not Rockstars]
Gotta love free music, and I’ve got some more for you guys this week. Nate Rodriguez-Vera has his hands full these days as a producer and sound designer/editor for film, TV, games, and other forms of media. With a masters in music technology from the esteemed Steinhardt School at NYU, the native Puerto Rican has been putting his skills [...]
Deathwave - POWER
Nathan Vice - Appetite For Absurdity
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