Once again I find myself writing up Marco V, a man who never ceases to amaze me with every track he puts out. I sleep on this guy for one second and back he comes slapping me in the face with his newest monster. Said monster is Essence, a new collaboration he did with Damian William that makes good use of syncopated snares, an [...]
Marco V & Damian William - Essence (Original Mix) [In Charge]
Marco V - Sticker (Original Mix) [TAO]
50 Cent feat Nicole Scherzinger - Right There (Marco V Remix)
Hailing from Iran, Ali Payami is a relative unknown but is starting to make his first breakthrough in the EDM world. The Sweden-born Persian DJ has just come out with a nice little track called Cillan. It’s a techy tune with house and trance components that make it neither overwhelming nor underpowered. If you are looking for a harder, [...]
Ali Payami - Cillan (Original Mix) [Get Down]
Ali Payami - Cillan (Damian William Remix) [Get Down]
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