To thank all the fans for their continued support over the past six months, Wolfgang Gartner’s newly launched Kindergarten Recordings has decided to release Kindergarten Yearbook Vol. 1, a four-track electro-laden package featuring tunes from labelmates Charlie Darker, Popeska, DallasK, and Conro. Whether you prefer the complextro [...]
Popeska - Raunchy (Original Mix) [Kindergarten]
Charlie Darker - This Automatic (Original Mix) [Kindergarten]
DallasK - Flight 315 (Original Mix) [Kindergarten]
Conro - Crux (Original Mix) [Kindergarten]
With the stated goal of making Russia the most powerful nation in the world, DJ Antention is releasing some of the hardest tracks in the scene. Gettt! definitely raises the bar on just how much raw energy can be packed into a bassline–someone told me that this track sounds like “someone being murdered” and I think that pretty much sums [...]
DJ Antention - Gettt! (Original Mix)
DJ Antention - Jump! (Original Mix) [CRUX]
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