Cotton Claw is a brand new supergroup composed of French producers Liléa Narrative, La Chauve Souris, YoggyOne, and Zerolex, all established solo artists in their own right who’ve come together to create something that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. And this is no mere studio project–the quartet performs all of their music [...]
Cotton Claw - Burt (Original Mix) [Cascade]
Cotton Claw - Climax (Original Mix) [Cascade]
Cotton Claw - Suzanna (Original Mix) [Cascade]
Cotton Claw - Crooked (Original Mix) [Cascade]
Cotton Claw - Switches (Original Mix) [Cascade]
Cotton Claw - Naked (Original Mix) [Cascade]
Cotton Claw - Crooked (Julien Mier Remix) [Cascade]
Cotton Claw - Switches (Kelpe Remix) [Cascade]
Cotton Claw - Naked (Slugabed Remix) [Cascade]
Our friends over at XLR8R got the scoop on Dutch producer Julien Mier’s captivating remix of Crooked by the French quartet Cotton Claw. The original mix has not yet surfaced on the Internet, but if Mier’s frantic, bubbling interpretation is any indication, the world might not be ready for what Cotton Claw is about to unleash. Cotton Claw [...]
Cotton Claw - Crooked (Julien Mier Remix) [Cascade]
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