The latest and greatest in future house has arrived, courtesy of Kulkid and Cory Enemy in their collaborative new track The Light. The tune blends the energetic beats of veteran producer Cory Enemy (pictured right) with the more melodic vibes of French artist KulKid to create a deep, club-ready sound that explores the best of these two [...]
Kulkid X Cory Enemy - The Light (Original Mix)
David Guetta’s face became plastered all over the web after his tripped-out gaze on the Tomorrowland livestream. The video parodies and memes are hilarious, and Cory Enemy and Goshfather & Jinco named their new track David Guetta after the French headliner’s special moment. This banger charges on with fierce synths, stomping basslines, [...]
Cory Enemy x Goshfather & Jinco - David Guetta
West Coast prodigy Dillon Francis has had a few appearances here @ LT3, but up until now has only been tagged on to posts with a remix or a track relevant to the post, never primarily featured. As this young DJ is constantly tearing up festivals this season and seems to release a bomb track just about every other day, what better time [...]
Cory Enemy & Dillon Francis - Who the F*ck Are You? (Original Mix)
CSS - Hits Me Like a Rock (Dillon Francis Remix)
Time Takers - She Blows (Whistle Tune) (Dillon Francis Remix)
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