The more I started getting into music a few years ago the more people drilled into my head that it was worth investing in a nice pair of headphones. Just about everyone seemed to have their opinion about which pair of cans was best to grab, but the recommendation that I heard far more than any other headphone or headphone company was to [...]
Maya Jane Coles - Comfort [IAMME]
How HARD manages to one-up themselves with every festival they throw is beyond us. HARD head honcho Gary Richards certainly knows how to curate a killer party by now. Today, HARD officially announced the lineup for Day Of The Dead 2013. Commence the outbursts of “aww, snap!” and “no way!” Headliners Saturday include Skrillex, Calvin [...]
Boys Noize - Inhale/Exhale (Original Mix) [Boysnoize]
Maya Jane Coles - Comfort [I/AM/ME]
Dusky - Flo Jam [Dogmatik]
Nocturnal queen of deep, emotive sound Maya Jane Coles has delivered her first full-length album. Comfort, releasing on Coles’ own I/AM/ME label, hearkens back to the young producer’s Nocturnal Sunshine roots, but with a deeper maturity of life and emotion–a blissful, modest sonority from start to finish. To keep things even more [...]
Maya Jane Coles - Everything (Original Mix) [I/AM/ME]
Maya Jane Coles - Stranger (Original Mix) [I/AM/ME]
Maya Jane Coles - Dreamer (Original Mix) [I/AM/ME]
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