Last year, multi-genre artist Santiago Niño rocked us with stunning tracks that straddled the line between tech and progressive. With sounds that range from chill-out to raw techno, few have balanced these genres as effectively as the Colombian producer. Recently, Santiago’s been returning to his experiment tech house roots with a set of [...]
Santiago Niño - Nothing Whatever (Original Mix) [Cohagen]
Santiago Niño - Zeta Reticuli (Original Mix) [Lost Language]
Santiago Niño - Ping Pong (Original Mix) [Baroque]
Colombian prodigy Santiago Niño decided to push the boundaries of prog and tech with his first EP of 2011, Cocoliche. Like other talented innovators, Niño takes his cues from many genres, but always maintains his originality that can best be seen in his complex and subtle artistry. Xibalba, recently featured in Eco’s last South Of [...]
Santiago Niño - Knight Rider (Original Mix) [Cohagen]
Santiago Niño - Xibalba (Original Mix) [Cohagen]
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