LA indie dance and nu disco mavens Tyler Blake and Michael David, known together as Classixx, premiered a brand new single today on Beats 1 featuring the vocals of T-Pain, titled Whatever I Want. LessThan3 first heard Whatever I Want at Outside Lands Festival 2015, after which we were referring to it as “Oh Yeah,” thanks to its charming [...]
Stevie Nicks’ appearance in the recent television series American Horror Story: Coven may have given rise to a whole new breed of Fleetwood Mac fanatics, but the group has been influencing bands, producers, and artists across the globe for decades. From their legendary 1977 album Rumours, to each member’s solo work, Fleetwood Mac had [...]
Classixx - Hanging Gardens (Original Mix) [Innovative Leisure]
Fleetwood Mac - Dreams (Psychemagik Remix)
Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way (Lane 8 Rework)
Bag Raiders - Sunlight (Original Mix)
The Golden State and its rich musical history was the unofficial theme of this year’s Outside Lands, which, while it might have dialed back on the dance music a bit, had the California cranked up to 11. If you were an artist who wasn’t born here, you performed something that was. Performances by LA hip hop titans Kendrick Lamar and DJ [...]
LA’s Tyler Blake and Michael David of disco house duo Classixx stir from their winter slumber with a free Janet Jackson bootleg and an update on their sophomore album. Rather than use the popular circulated album version of Jackson’s original, the group opted to sample Shep Pettibone’s rare a cappella to create their mix. The result is a [...]
Classixx - Pleasure Principle (Recovery Mix) [Free Download]
Now that the summer season has come and gone in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia’s best and brightest are shifting their attention north, bringing their beach-tested and raver-approved grooves to American shores. RÜFÜS (aka RÜFÜS DU SOL outside of Australia) made a big splash earlier this year with their crossover hit Sundream, and LA [...]
In case the weatherman neglected to clue you in on the changing seasons, Salva dusted off A Stranger Love by Classixx (pictured) and gave it a bass-heavy makeover to carry it through what is already shaping up to be one sweaty summer. If you’re anything like us, Classixx’ 2013 LP Hanging Gardens was undoubtedly a staple of last summer, [...]
Tireless instrumentalists and producers Classixx demonstrated the breadth of their talents and resulting musical repertoire in an engrossing live performance at San Francisco’s Independent on April 11. The duo’s immense popularity was made manifest by a live performance that felt like a two-way celebration of their work, with the crowd [...]
Classixx - Supernature (Original Mix) [Innovative Leisure]
Classixx - Dominoes (Original Mix) [Innovative Leisure]
Yacht - Psychic City (Classixx Remix) [Needwant]
LA duo Classixx and The American Standard Film Co. teamed up for a simultaneously whimsical and sorrowful official video for Stranger Love. We’re introduced to an old man and a young girl who, despite having something heavy on her mind, shows a palpable desire to go–somewhere, anywhere. So she enlists her closest friend, and the two [...]
Oliver and Classixx, two of the hottest names in disco and house music today, made plans to take a road trip together, and they’re inviting you to join in the coast-to-coast disco awesomeness. Both at hot points in their careers, Oliver just released Mechanical EP, and Classixx will be releasing their Santa Domino remix package featuring [...]
Classixx - Dominoes (Original Mix) [Innovative Leisure]
Oliver - Mechanical (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold]
The beat-making beach boys Classixx crammed all the poolside panache and warm-weather vibes of SoCal into one delightful debut, Hanging Gardens. Since their 2009 debut single I’ll Get You, nu-disco fans have been waiting patiently, feeding on little more than a few remixes and sparse releases like Holding On from February, for the duo [...]
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