This past weekend party tastemakers Cityfox and Listed teamed up once again to turn East Williamsburg into an outer space, three-dimensional fortress of fun. After this summer’s Monkey Business, New Yorker’s were left with a feeling of longing and need for more from the almighty Cityfox/Listed alliance. On September 28, we entered a [...]
Agoria - Scala (Original Mix) [Innervisions]
Mark Henning - Trojan (Original Mix) [Cityfox]
Mano Le Tough - Everything You've Done Before (Dixon Remix) [Permanent]
If there’s one thing you’ll learn about New York City and its nightlife, it’s that every night (and/or morning) worth remembering should be an experience. With an overwhelming abundance of parties happening every day and night of the week, it takes a truly original production to leave the crowd saying, “Wow, that was unreal.” The Cityfox [...]
Adriatique - Deeper Love [Diynamic]
Lee Jones - Beginn [Aus Music]
DJ Three - Timebomb [System]
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