Swiss duo Leventina never ceases to amaze me with their ability to manifest a completely original package of diverse progressive and electro house elements, and their latest EP City Lights can attest to that. Released through Unreleased Digital, City Lights has all the big room elements you need to set the tone for an uplifting, [...]
Leventina - City Lights (Original Mix) [Unreleased Digital]
Leventina - Tumbler (Original Mix) [Unreleased Digital]
Leventina - No Need To Hide (Original Mix) [Unreleased Digital]
Like Argentinian trance stars Heatbeat, Santiago Niño is a part of a fresh line of dance talent from the southern hemisphere. Born in Colombia and currently living in Guatemala, Niño began producing at the age of sixteen, experimenting with everything from hard techno to progressive trance. Straight from his recent EP From Scratch, City [...]
Santiago Niño - City Lights (Original Mix) [Lost Language]
Santiago Niño - Malayan (Original Mix) [Lost Language]
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