Today we’re happy to introduce you all to Madeaux, a very prolific young producer from both Boston via Miami whose expressive downtempo style seems to make an impression on any set of ears that give it a listen. We’re beyond excited to announce his debut release, Madeaux EP, out next Monday, February 2nd on LessThan3 Recordings. To give [...]
Madeaux - Celestina (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Madeaux - Circe (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Py - Lungs (Madeaux VIP Remix)
This week on Dim Mak records, South American DJ Haezer dropped his much-anticipated The Wrong Kid Died EP, serving an all you can eat buffet of pure electro-trash. I hope you’re hungry. Seven tracks deep, The Wrong Kid Died is absolutely nothing to scoff at, especially when you consider just how gnarly each of these tracks are. The [...]
Haezer feat Evil Boy - Rubbernecker (Original Mix) [Dim Mak]
Haezer feat Mike Zietsman - Melody (Original Mix) [Dim Mak]
Haezer feat Circe - Stars (Original Mix) [Dim Mak]
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