Fred Falke (pictured) comes in hot with another edgy remix, this time in the form of Brooklyn-based Chordashian’s latest indie dance number with Freedom Fry called Skyscraper Souls. Falke replaces the lilting chords of the original with angular synth stabs synonymous with his iconic sound, which falls comfortably between the nu disco [...]
Chordashian feat. Freedom Fry - Skyscraper Souls (Original Mix) [Thrive]
Brooklyn-based duo Chordashian is a self-proclaimed combination of “hip hop, late 80s disco, funk, mainstream pop, and good hair.” Whatever you want to call it, these guys are an indie-disco lover’s dream and have been on fire recently. Speaking of “fire,” we could all use a little extra warmth this time of the year, and Chordashian knew [...]
Chordashian - Cold Nights (Original Mix)
Someone forgot to tell Chordashian that summer’s over! The duo from Brooklyn has done the disco dirty once again with an original production and a remix that’ll keep warm vibes flowing through the end of the year. Keep your sunglasses on for these dance bombs. There’s a lot to love about Illusion. The crisp production, an infectious [...]
Blende - Fake Love (Chordashian Remix) [Eskimo]
Chordashian - Illusion (Original Mix)
Where Brooklyn at? Brooklyn is chillin’ in the disco with the boys from Chordashian! Felix Feygin and Michael Banks came together in 2011, fusing their diverse musical backgrounds into a hip-hop house funk disco good hair dance machine. In just their first year, the duo managed to play all over New York City, including an appearance [...]
Drake feat The Weeknd - Crew Love (Chordashian Remix)
Chordashian - Black Eye (Original Mix)
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