The fall season is officially here, and that means people are changing out of their scantily tailored rave attire and into something warmer and cozier. With that change in fashion comes a change in music–something quieter to chill and vibe to. Today’s artist is one such master of chill. San Francisco’s Vin Sol has delivered a laid back [...]
Vin Sol - Despacio (Original Mix)
The Weeknd - What You Need (Vin Sol & Charles McCloud Remix)
Odds are the picture above caught your attention, no? Let me take a second to introduce you to the beautiful Jennifer Lee, aka TOKiMONSTA. If you’re into the LA beat scene, or just hip hop in general, then the name must ring a few bells. It’s rare to find a female pushing beats, especially one that’s such a looker. The story goes that [...]
TOKiMONSTA - Bright Shadows [Brainfeeder]
TOKiMONSTA feat Gavin Turek - Darkest (Dim) [Brainfeeder]
A few weeks ago I wrote about Moby’s most recent EP, Be The One. Little did I know that it was only a short preview of his newest album, Destroyed. If you thought Be The One was as fantastic as I did, then you’re going to absolutely love the album. Not only does Moby prove that he still has it after all these years, but I would go as far [...]
Moby - The Low Hum [MUTE]
Moby - After [MUTE]
Moby - Lacrimae [MUTE]
I recently stumbled upon an artist that specializes in the experimental side of EDM. His name is Jason Chung, better known as Nosaj Thing. The young LA artist has been gaining a lot of popularity lately and is quickly becoming a headliner. Just recently he played at Insomniac’s Audiotistic Festival, Sonar in Barcelona, and this past [...]
Drake - Forever (Nosaj Thing Remix)
Nosaj Thing - Light 1 (Original Mix) [Alpha Pup]
Nosaj Thing - DISTRO (Original Mix)
When the world is pressing down on your shoulders, just sit back, put your headphones, and listen to some chill progressive house. Summer Star by Kostas Skretas has the kind of soothing beat that just makes all your problems go away. This laid-back tune shows off some of its complexity with its peaceful pianos and guitar melodies. The [...]
Kostas Skretas - Summer Star (Original Mix) [The Sound of Everything]
UK dubstep scene wonderkid Joker is, as indie-electro blog Electrorash puts it, “one of those really annoying 20 year olds that has already achieved so much in his chosen field that the mediocre wanderings of your own life start to seem a little empty.” After picking up some turntables at the age of 14, and being labeled as dubstep’s [...]
Joker - Digidesign (Original Mix)
I’m not sure if it was the over-saturation of electro-house/trance at EDC or what, but I am definitely missing me some minimal house. A couple months ago I was introduced to a hot new producer who’s definitely got a unique, feel-good kind of sound. You know, the kind of music you want to kick back and chill with, mojito in hand. It’s got [...]
Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow (Original Mix)
Joy Orbison - So Derobe (Original Mix)
After hearing Para One’s remix of the 2009 Boys Noize hit Jeffer, I didn’t expect his first original release in 3 years to have such a cool, laid back summery house feel to it. With that being said, I absolutely love it. The release is called Kiwi/Toadstool, as those are the original tracks on it (With remixes from Noob, Tony Senghore, [...]
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