Glistening, emotive, and soulful, Lido (pictured, left) and Canblaster‘s just-released Superspeed EP presents a fresh take on the ever-growing genre of future bass. Released via Pelican Fly Records, it continues in the label’s attempts to be a leader in the genre following 2014’s I Love You EP from Lido as well as forward-thinking [...]
Lido & Canblaster - Alarm Clock (Original Mix) [Pelican Fly]
Lido & Canblaster - Rush Hour (Original Mix) [Pelican Fly]
Lido & Canblaster - Superspeed (Original Mix) [Pelican Fly]
Norwegian future bass tune-smith Lido (pictured above) and similarly-styled French producer Canblaster combined forces for Rush Hour, their newest confection of a bass-driven track. Owing a lot to the twin inspirations of melodic trap and the catalog of pop producer Timbaland, the track is likely to be a spring highlight on underground [...]
Lido & Canblaster - Rush Hour (Original Mix) [Pelican Fly]
French producer Canblaster remixes what he calls the “most remixed song in the world,” Brandy’s I Wanna Be Down, and takes it in a beautiful new direction with this free download. Noting on his Facebook page that the remix carries serious “FF7 Harp Vibes,” it is indeed easy to draw comparison to the iconic Final Fantasy VII video game [...]
Brandy - I Wanna Be Down (Canblaster Remix) [Free Download]
In honor of his self-made Thanksgiving hashtag #cansgiving, Canblaster (pictured) is offering a free download of his remix of Tinashe’s Indigo Child, and it’s definitely something to be thankful for. Canblaster has taken Tinashe’s track, originally a 90-second interlude, and stretched it into a seductive 3-minute remix. The first half [...]
Tinashe - Indigo Child (Canblaster Remix)
The most recent release on one of my favorite labels, Marble, is once again proving that the label has some serious talent. Their newest entry into the world of minimal techno comes via Paris’ Sam Tiba (pictured above, right). Sam steps up to the plate with a collections of three hard-hitting tracks off his new Black Eyed Weed EP. If you [...]
Sam Tiba - 420 (Original Mix) [Marble]
Sam Tiba feat Canblaster - Trick Trick (Original Mix) [Marble]
Sam Tiba - Zig Zag (Original Mix) [Marble]
It’s always impressive to me when an artist goes and produces something completely unlike anything else I’ve heard from them before, and I’m pretty confident that this is the most extreme case of that scenario that I have ever encountered. The last time we posted about Canblaster was way back in 2010 with his insane track Chicken Run, [...]
French Fries - Charlotte (Canblaster Remix) [Youngunz]
Style of Eye - Homeless (Canblaster Remix) [Fool's Gold]
UK newcomers Kry Wolf have only been around for a couple of years, but with the recent release of their new single 3001, it seems like the duo is now going to pick up the pace. Drawing comparisons to quirky electro producers like Canblaster, Kry Wolf enters the game at a time when fun, almost silly-sounding electro is set to become much [...]
Kry Wolf - 3001 (Original Mix) [Party Like Us]
Every once in a while a track comes across my ears that is just flat out silly. With this track, you know the degree of silliness in store for you right after the first drop. It definitely solicits a “WTF, haha, my god what is this” kind of reaction, accompanied by involuntary getting down to the superb, Major-Lazer-goes-to-Baltimore [...]
Canblaster - Chicken Run (Original Mix) [Top Billin]
Nicolas Strands & AnTiTo - Wonky Funck (Mahesa Utara Dirty Mix) [Harkee]
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