Feed Me served up his 15-course meal of bass today, satiating fans’ hunger for the little green goblin and his deliciously pungent debut album, Calamari Tuesday. Orion is a straightforward opener, allowing Jon Gooch to set the tone for production value in a minimalist, electro house medium. Death By Robot came out on his previous EP by [...]
Feed Me - Fiasco (Original Mix) [Soto Voce]
Feed Me - No Grip (Original Mix) [Sotto Voce]
Feed Me - Onstuh (Original Mix) [Sotto Voce]
Everyone’s favorite little green bass music goblin, Feed Me, fed fans a taste of what’s to come on his debut artist album today, a dark, vocally driven dubstep banger titled Ebb & Flow with Tasha Baxter. Although it’s been floating around the internet for a while now, the track will finally see an official release on Calamari Tuesday as [...]
Welcome back to another week, music fans. Today, we’ve got the first taste of new Feed Me, teasers for new Chromeo and Nicky Romero, and more in the Newsbyte. Feed Me Lays Down His Rat Trap To celebrate the pre-ordering phase of his debut LP due out Oct. 14, Feed Me released track five off Calamari Tuesday, a trap-tinged, rodent-themed [...]
Nicky Romero, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano feat. Fast Eddie - Sound of the Underground (Preview) [SIZE]
Welcome to your Daily Newsbyte, and we’re byting on Calamari today after an album announcement from Feed Me, plus a new music school from the Armada folks, a forthcoming single from Zedd, and more. Feed Us That New Sh*t Bass goblin Feed Me made fans flip out today with his announcement that he would be putting out another album, despite [...]
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