Montreal’s electro bad-boy Charlie Darker is back with (what else?) another dancefloor bomb, the snarling, hard-hitting electro gem Bustah on Cold Blank’s own Burn The Fire Records. Over the summer, Darker has released a steady stream of really heavy but dance-able electro tracks, and Bustah is no different–the song is filled with a [...]
Charlie Darker - Bustah (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
Move over Mord Fustang, there’s competition at the top of the complextro scene. PrototypeRaptor has been on my radar since the drop of his outstanding song Drive Hard (free download here). Combining sounds from electro, fidget, and 8-bit with memorable and catchy melodies, PR has been a mainstay on The Hype Machine popular charts and [...]
PrototypeRaptor - Color Galaxy (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
PrototypeRaptor - Highwind (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
Wolfgang Gartner - Push & Rise (PrototypeRaptor Bootleg Remix)
“” stands for “Ali an Impactive Asian Noise”. He’s actually a person, but “impact noise” is an apt description for the man’s music. Born in Tehran in 1987, Ali’s been releasing tracks since 2007, but has remained relatively under the radar until now. Low Connection could very well be his breakout tune, combining an energetic [...]
Ali.i.a.n - Low Connection (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
Los Angeles-based Cold Blank has been on an onslaught lately, apparently determined to prove their righteous place in the overwhelming electro wave. They’ve really got nothing to worry about, though–with their newest set of releases, most of the competition just can’t hang around. Cold Blank continues their tradition of hard, danceable [...]
Cold Blank - Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
Cold Blank - Redroid (Original Mix) [Temple]
There seems to be a crazy influx of young producers really stepping up the plate in the past two years, so perhaps you won’t find it too surprising that today I’m here to present a twenty year-old who is adding to the growing genre of complextro. Orlando-based DallasK has been producing music since the age of fifteen, and he’s clearly [...]
DallasK - Front/Back (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
DallasK - Jupiter (Original Mix) [Bazooka]
DallasK - Crush (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
Brazilian electro producer Chrizz Luvly is back with a brand new single entitled One Time, bringing again that complextro style of production to the table. One Time is fresh off the presses at Burn the Fire, and has some gnarly sounds that compliment the current styles dominating the scene. Luvly has his own distinctive style that serves [...]
Chrizz Luvly - One Time (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
Having made their fame with some of the most distinctly electrified remixes of the last couple of years, the original LA electro duo is back with on Beatport this month with a brand new original. Cold Blank has been pretty quiet this year, but that all has all changed. If you’re thinking about that We Are Rockstars remix from last year, [...]
Cold Blank & Alex Dreamz feat Veze Skante - Die Famous (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
Zedd - Autonomy (Cold Blank Remix) [BugEyed]
Competition is great for the consumer, and in the increasingly competitive world of electro house we’ve seen many up-and-coming DJs including Porter Robinson, Zedd, and Mord Fustang. Recently, another contestant from Brazil by the name of Elevic made major headway with his new EP Underworld, released on Burn the Fire. Bearing some [...]
Elevic - Underworld (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
Elevic - Glitch (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
Elevic - Time to Dance (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
Attention ladies and gentlemen, Schoolboy has entered the building and he’s brought with him a distinctly fresh sound to the wobbly world we have all come to love. The man is close friends with none other than dubstep superstar Skrillex, and the influences of that relationship can definitely be heard throughout these tracks. Ready for [...]
Schoolboy - Checkmate (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
Porter Robinson & Lazy Rich feat Sue Cho - Hello (Schoolboy Remix) [Big Fish]
Schoolboy - Always Be There (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
Brazilian producer Chrizz Luvly is at it again after topping the Beatport charts with his disgusting wobble breakbeat anthem, Amen, this time with a heavy hitting remix of Spencer & Hill’s big-room tune Less Go. Not much is known about the elusive producer, but after his chart-toppers last month, we’re not surprised to see this remix [...]
Spencer & Hill - Less Go! (Chrizz Luvly Remix) [Bazooka]
Chrizz Luvly - Amen (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
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