It sure has been a while since we’ve heard this crunked out track from DJ Deeon, but fortunately, Salva and Brenmar got together and put their own spin on Let Me Bang. This one’s got East Coast all over it, making a great addition to any Baltimore or Jersey club arsenal. There’s no doubt that this remake is as ghetto as the original, [...]
Brenmar & Salva - Let Me Bang (Original Mix)
Who’s afraid of Detroit? With a lineup like Movement’s in 2012, who could be? Paxahau presents its annual music showcase this Memorial Day Weekend with its always-innovative array of artists. While the EDM scene has enjoyed an explosion in popularity over the past year with a recognizable group of festival mainstays, the organizers of [...]
Brenmar - Taking It Down (Original Mix) [Discobelle]
Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit (Original Mix) [dirtybird]
Hot Natured feat Ali Love - Forward Motion (Original Mix) [Hot Creations]
Digital-only 4-track EPs from New York bass producers released on obscure labels at the beginning of the year are hardly likely to break any sales records. Fortunately for you and the dance music world in general, all it takes is a few people to hear good music for the word to be spread, and like a bushfire the name Brenmar has been [...]
Brenmar - Done (Don't Luv Me No More) (Original Mix) [Hum & Buzz]
Brenmar - Temperature Rising (Original Mix) [Hum & Buzz]
Brenmar - Done (Don't Luv Me No More) (MikeQ Remix) [Hum & Buzz]
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