Steve Aoki goes full-on Heisenburg in his Breaking Bad-themed video for Free The Madness. The video opens in the “distant future” at the Museum of the 21st Century. According to Aoki, in the future, twerking will be history, the Doge meme craze will be over, gingivitis will be cured, and apparently, toilets are out, too. Aoki wants to [...]
Hide your wallets and do it quick, as Zombies for Money are out in full force, celebrating the 20th installment of Trouble & Bass’s Heavy Bass Champions of the World compilation. If you’re not familiar with ZFM, well, they’re simply great. The duo has defined themselves as the premiere ass-shakin’ tropical electro group out there, with [...]
Zombies For Money feat Jony Tevez - Breaking Bad (Original Mix) [Trouble & Bass]
Zombies For Money - Kolkata (Sticky Version) [Trouble & Bass]
Zombies For Money feat Drop Top - Navajo (Original Mix) [Trouble & Bass]
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