LessThan3’s comrade in trance Eco is making another Brooklyn appearance with fellow trance NYC/NJ local Breakfast at the Electric Warehouse in Brooklyn this Friday, and we are quite excited to see what the man has up his sleeve this time. With a new album and music video in the works with Armada, Eco is poised to take the international [...]
Eco - Drowning (Original Mix) [Armada]
An amazing thing will be happening at an undisclosed location in Brooklyn on Friday night: LessThan3 favorite Eco, along with Breakfast, Mike Saint-Jules, and a host of other local trance DJs will be bringing the throbbing beats of trance to the streets of the great borough of New York City. They’re calling it Digital Campfire. In an [...]
Breakfast - The Horizon (Juventa Remix) [Premier]
Eco - And We Flew Away (Original Mix) [Tone Diary]
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