Celebrating a decade of operation of Boysnoize Records, German techno/electro producer Boys Noize has finally released his new, nine-track EP, Strictly Raw Vol. 1. Featuring the likes of Tiga, T.E.E.D., and a cast of others, it’s quite the impressive recording overall. ​ Thrusting, downbeat synths and what could best be described as a [...]
Boys Noize (pictured) pairs with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs for Spacer, a funky-yet-chilling production from Boys Noize’s new EP on Boysnoize Records, Strictly Raw Vol. 1. ​ Krautrock melodies meet clubby drums on the new German/English collaboration. Razor sharp synths slice with a funky swing into heavy percussion in the bottom [...]
In the fifth installment of our Spotify Spotlight series, we covered one of our favorite labels, Boysnoize Records. Now in our 34th episode, we revisit the label with some new gems by Strip Steve, Spank Rock, Octave Minds (a collaboration between Boys Noize and Chilly Gonzales), and more. The label is known for pushing the boundaries of [...]
This term gets thrown around a lot lately by people–myself included–but I’m hard-pressed to think of a better descriptor in this situation. Put simply, Brodinski’s new remix of Spank Rock’s Gully, out now on Boysnoize Records, is a banger in every sense of the word. Substituting hip hop vibes for ferocious French techno, Brodinski [...]
It’s always a pleasure to see producers pay homage to the forefathers of electronic music. Alexander Ridha, better known as Boys Noize, has offered up a worthy tribute to UK synth pioneers Depeche Mode in his remix of the band’s track My Little Universe. You might think the German producer would be more inclined to take on the likes of [...]
Mega-producers Boys Noize and Mr. Oizo have joined forces for their second EP as Handbraekes, the aptly titled #2 EP. The EP has both producers blending together their signature styles to create a new and refreshing sound. It’s hard to describe the Handbraekes sound if you haven’t listened to Boys Noize or Mr. Oizo’s music, as it draws [...]
If heavy-hitting techno and thumping electro get you excited, Boysnoize Records should be on your list of labels to follow. Started by modern day acid and techno veteran Boys Noize in 2005, BNR has gone on to release music from D.I.M., Destructo, Housemeseister, as well as a slew of other techno and electro producers. In this week’s [...]
Have you ever had that one special song that was stuck in your head that you could never quite get out? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me with Kontact Me by Boys Noize. Boys Noize is an artist that needs no introduction, and this single is seemingly the same way. Kontact Me has been smashing up dancefloors for about a year and a [...]
Boys Noize - Kontact Me (Original Mix) [Boysnoize]
Boys Noize - Kontact Me (Rynecologist Turbine Mix) [Boysnoize]
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