Over the years, Bondax has rightfully earned somewhat of an iconic position in the world of transcendent dance music. Consistently bridging the disparities between French house, nu disco, funk, and even a touch of R&B, the British duo got their start as teenagers and have delighted us with many of our most memorable Disco Diaries-esque [...]
Bondax & Beat Fatigue - Gold Panther
Tensnake - Feel Of Love (Boys Noize & Djedjotronic Remix) [Virgin EMI]
Flamingosis feat. BeRod - A Beautiful Soul
Titeknots - Buzzard Walk [Press Something Play Something]
Techno and electro wizard Boys Noize and trap crusher Salva combined forces in 2013 to create a galloping banger that takes Peanut Butter, Scarlet Fever’s 2004 southern rap anthem-turned-cheerleader chant, into the darkest and heaviest of realms. Choo Choo was alluded to being available in a 2013 tweet from Friends of Friends Records, [...]
Boys Noize & Salva - Choo Choo (Original Mix) [Free Download]
Just like Drizzy Drake, Tiga and Boys Noize like to keep it 100. Now, San Diego-based producer Harvard Bass (pictured) has hopped into the fast lane with his own remix of the duo’s recent collab, and LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere. While the original track is a quirky, acid-tinged adventure, HB switches gears with a bouncy, [...]
Tiga VS Boys Noize - 100 (Harvard Bass Remix) [Turbo]
Boys Noize and Pilo’s gangster-tech collab Cerebral gets a startling supercut-style official video featuring moment after moment of chaos played out on a screen a la Clockwork Orange, except our viewer seems to be watching voluntarily. The video is the work of director LIL INTERNET who, between cutting videos for Beyonce, Skrillex, [...]
Celebrating a decade of operation of Boysnoize Records, German techno/electro producer Boys Noize has finally released his new, nine-track EP, Strictly Raw Vol. 1. Featuring the likes of Tiga, T.E.E.D., and a cast of others, it’s quite the impressive recording overall. ​ Thrusting, downbeat synths and what could best be described as a [...]
Boys Noize feat. Tiga - 808 IRAQ (Original Mix) [Boysnoize]
Boys Noize - Dawnload (Original Mix) [Boysnoize]
Boys Noize & Pilo - Cerebral (Original Mix [Boysnoize]
Boys Noize (pictured) pairs with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs for Spacer, a funky-yet-chilling production from Boys Noize’s new EP on Boysnoize Records, Strictly Raw Vol. 1. ​ Krautrock melodies meet clubby drums on the new German/English collaboration. Razor sharp synths slice with a funky swing into heavy percussion in the bottom [...]
Boys Noize & T.E.E.D. - Spacer (Original Mix) [Boysnoize]
One of Montreal’s biggest techno exports, Tiga (pictured), announced details to unveil his new live show and shared a second original collaboration alongside Boys Noize. In what has been a long time coming, Tiga will finally reveal his live performance this summer at nine European festivals. Not only will long time collaborator Jori [...]
Tiga Vs Boys Noize - Jam#1 (Original Mix) [Turbo]
German techno/electro maestro Boys Noize continues a year-long run of scintillating work with a “turbine” remix of Very First Breath, Hudson Mohawke’s recently released single from his forthcoming artist album Lantern. ​ This one sounds like the best bits of Prince’s 1982 hit single Little Red Corvette and a whole lot of mid-2000s Ed [...]
Hudson Mohawke feat. Irfane - Very First Breath (Boys Noize Turbine Remix) [Warp]
Boys Noize and Pilo deliver a massive number they’re calling Cerebral, which is taken from Boys Noize’s forthcoming album using only analog equipment, Strictly Raw Vol. 1. Ever since a snippet of Cerebral graced the HARD Summer trailer, we’ve been hungry to hear the full-length final product. Delivered simply with the SoundCloud tag [...]
Boys Noize & Pilo - Cerebral (Original Mix)
Tiga Vs Boys Noize - 100 (Original Mix)
To celebrate its ten year anniversary, Boys Noize Records is giving away over five hours of music to fans, including two new unreleased tracks from Boys Noize himself. It seems like only yesterday that we were all trying to do the tecktonic dance to BNR’s Jeffer, & Down, and Let’s Buy Happiness, but an entire decade later we get a [...]
Boys Noize - Brain Frequent (Unreleased Mix)
Boys Noize - Dawnload (Unreleased Mix)
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