No cheese, no anthems, just relentless, hard bass music; this is what you can expect from Excision’s new Destroid album The Invasion. This side project is a live band that involves his friends Downlink and KJ Sawka, and after hearing this beastly LP, we can’t wait to see them perform live! The Invasion starts off with a few brilliant [...]
Excision, Downlink, Space Laces - Destroid 3 - Crusaders (Original Mix) [Destroid]
Excision & Bassnectar - Destroid 6 - Put It Down (Original Mix) [Destroid]
Excision & Space Laces - Destroid 7 - Bounce (Original Mix) [Destroid]
If you follow dance music that is a bit off the beaten path, you might be aware of the massive amounts of talent leaking out of the Brooklyn borough of New York. Earlier this year we saw Shlohmo take a tranquil rise to the top with his Vacation EP, and it seems like XXXChange is the next bomber stepping up to the plate with his latest [...]
XXXChange - Bounce (Jay Fay Remix) [T&A]
XXXChange - U Do The Math (Original Mix) [T&A]
XXXChange - Scrying Over You (Original Mix) [T&A]
Oh, those Japanese DJs. How I do love their crazy experimentation, whether it be with trance, hip hop, or in this case, dubstep. Meet Ajapai, Rottun’s newest dubstep samurai from the Land of the Rising Sun. Ajapai likes things messy, taking a page out of the books of similar artists like Excision and Datsik. His new EP, Energize, is [...]
Ajapai - Energize (Original Mix) [Rottun]
Ajapai - Bounce (Original Mix) [Rottun]
UK house heavyweight Michael Woods continues his epic run of big-room productions. Always in tune with the beating pulse of house music lovers, Woods is back with another massive hit Bullet to add to his already well-stocked repertoire of fantastic tracks. Similar to his club killer VMS, Bullet is filled with massive riffs and big drops. [...]
Michael Woods - Bullet (Original Mix)
Calvin Harris feat Kelis - Bounce (Michael Woods Remix)
Frenchman Gregori Klosman recently teamed up with long time house-vet Tristan Garner in a full-fledged effort to get dancefloors moving. The result of their work, Bounce, is undoubtedly one of the chunkiest house tracks to go public this year. There’s a lot of force available in simplicity, and this track takes full advantage of it with [...]
Gregori Klosman & Tristan Garner - Bounce (Original Mix) [Xtra Life]
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