Back in 2009, master of minimal/tech Boris Brejcha dropped his Schaltzentrale EP on us. Translated from German to English, “schaltzentrale” means “control center.” You might call the Schaltzentrale EP itself the “control center” for the latest Boris-centric release, Schaltzentrale (The Remixes). Included on the release are four remixes [...]
Boris Brejcha - Schaltzentrale (Original Mix) [Harthouse]
Boris Brejcha - Schaltzentrale (Mazel Source Remix) [Harthouse]
Boris Brejcha - Schaltzentrale (Reblok Acid Remix) [Harthouse]
It’s been a long time since I’ve heard techno like ANNA’s. It’s dark and pleasantly driving all at once. Under his default alias, Boris Brejcha rocks faces like Anderson Silva in the Octagon. He’s so characteristically unique, in fact, that he’s got his own genre–high tech minimal. If that’s not a selling point, I don’t know what is. [...]
ANNA - Down Under (Original Mix) [Subsonic]
ANNA - Down Under (Subfractal Remix) [Subsonic]
Boris Brejcha - Lost Memory (Original Mix) [Harthouse]
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