Nicolas Russo-Larsson, aka Modus Coco, has some serious talent. His newest audial offering is a shimmering remix of Bon Iver’s Heavenly Father, off the soundtrack of Zach Braff’s new film, Wish I Was Here. In contrast to his previous progressive big room releases, the former Shapes of Light member has delivered an elegant and ethereal [...]
Bon Iver - Heavenly Father (Modus Coco Remix)
If remixes were like Christopher Nolan’s summer blockbuster Inception, then Fareoh would be Cobb, the savvy dream infiltrator played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The New York producer just released his own remix of Birdy’s cover of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love. For his remix, Fareoh dives into the multilayered chasm of the English singer-songwriter’s [...]
Birdy - Skinny Love (Fareoh Remix) [Atlantic]
Welcome to the first edition of LessThan3’s Replay, an article containing the very best posts from the past few weeks including exclusive interviews, new music and staff favorites. Aside from our usual postings and insights, the LT3 crew has been working especially hard lately to bring you event coverage from around the country. Artwurk [...]
San Jose’s NiT GriT is back again with a remix of Bon Iver’s Holocene (free download here). Known for emotive bass tracks, the producer goes above and beyond for a fan, dedicating the remix in the name of love on his Facebook: “So a fan named Brody came to me earlier this week asking a favor. He told me his girlfriend was a huge NiT [...]
Bon Iver - Holocene (NiT GriT Remix)
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