Cardiff duo Bodhi are poised for dancefloor domination with their I Need You EP, released this week by Welsh compatriots Ten Thousand Yen. Though the EP is only comprised of three tracks, the duo demonstrate surprising versatility across I Need You’s fifteen-minute runtime. Each tune carves out a unique space within the realm of funky [...]
Last we heard from Bodhi, the duo was caught up in existential ruminations about the meaning of chaos and disorder in the universe. This week, their concerns are far more down-to-earth, as evidenced by their remix of the breakout hit Hey Now from London Grammar. Like much of Bodhi’s best work to date, the remix is patient and restrained, [...]
Entropy is the measure of disorder. Here’s the funny thing about entropy: it never decreases. It’s always on the upswing. Welsh duo Bodhi must have had a lot on their minds when they penned Entropy, a dark and dreary garage-house tune from their forthcoming EP. There’s always more, and it will always be chaotic. But Bodhi’s relentless [...]
Bodhi - Entropy (Original Mix)
I feel this list is pretty straightforward. The sun just came up, I haven’t slept, and I still want more music. For everyone else, this should make for some awesome breakfast music. Nothing too heavy here, just a solid dose of chilled-out indie electronica. Simply throw on a nice pair of headphones, kick back, and relax. Henry Green – [...]
CHVRCHES - The Mother We Share (Moon Boots Remix)
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