If Parisian oddball Bobmo isn’t a household name yet, it’s simply because the world just ain’t ready to deal with the unparalleled madness of his production work. That sense of playful exploration is in full effect on his remix of My Life (Without You) by Melleefresh and Alixander III (of Azari & III fame), and we’ve got an exclusive [...]
Melleefresh & Alixander III - My Life (Without You) (Bobmo Remix) [Play]
This month, acid house lovers are graced with another of many great works coming out of Paris this year, namely Bobmo’s new EP on his home label, Marble Music. Sonic Soul is comprised of three colorful soundscapes, each with their own intriguing backstories that can be read about in detail on SoundCloud. But those who like to get right [...]
Bobmo - Sonic Soul (Original Mix) [Marble]
Bobmo - Werk It (Original Mix) [Marble]
Bobmo - Hot Spot (Original Mix) [Marble]
After a successful showing on Ed Banger Presents: Let the Children Techno with his mechanical disco track Control, young French producer Bobmo is back with some new tunes, and as I suspected, they’re nothing short of beastly. Like all artists, I expected (and hoped) that Bobmo’s sound would change, but I didn’t expect the turn for such [...]
Bobmo - Hardbells (Original Mix) [BNR Trax]
Bobmo - Hardbells (Rough Version) [BNR Trax]
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