To seasoned drum & bass fans, DJ Fresh is a product of Bad Company fame–the group known for authoring historic tracks like The Nine, Planet Dust, and Mo’ Fire. To the newest generation of drum & bass fans, DJ Fresh is a crossover virtuoso, capable of producing d&b tracks with enough appeal to out-chart the hottest pop songs. Whether [...]
DJ Fresh feat RaVaughn - The Feeling (Metrik Remix) [Ministry Of Sound]
DJ Fresh feat RaVaughn - The Feeling (Extended Mix) [Ministry Of Sound]
DJ Fresh feat RaVaughn - The Feeling (Bobby Tank Remix) [Ministry Of Sound]
Wow. That three letter word couldn’t be more accurate when describing Bobby Tank’s new EP, Afterburn. Just released on the MofoHifi imprint, Afterburn is sure to push the Londoner’s popularity to new heights. EDM enthusiasts drawn to this EP will probably have an iPod filled with Rustie tunes, as there are stark similarities between [...]
Bobby Tank - Afterburn (Original Mix) [MofoHifi]
Bobby Tank - Vector Beach (Original Mix) [MofoHifi]
Bobby Tank - Wolpheus (Original Mix) [MofoHifi]
I don’t just love Bobby Tank because he’s awesome. I love him because he’s awesome and his SoundCloud page rains free downloads! As a holiday present, Mr. Tank gifted us with a couple of way-beyond-killer tracks. My womp receptors are on fire! It’s rare that I pick up a free release and get this excited about it. I want you to do a few [...]
Bobby Tank - Cybo (Original Mix)
Bobby Tank - Used to Know (Original Mix)
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