It really seems like the Brazilians have electro their running in their blood–Felguk, Dirtyloud and Darth & Vader have rocked us through the past few months with their massive smashers. So maybe you’ve heard of Electrixx, and maybe you haven’t. This producer duo hails from Germany but calls the land and sounds of Brazil home. If you [...]
Electrixx - Some Beats (Original Mix) [Bazooka]
Felguk - Blow Out (Electrixx Remix) [Dongle]
You’ve probably heard of Felguk before for their heavy-hitting progressive house and electro bangers that have repeatedly taken over Beatport charts, but the Brazilian electro-rockers aren’t stopping anytime soon, solidified by their recent release, Blow Out. Appropriately titled, Blow Out goes hard in ways that I haven’t seen from [...]
Felguk - Blow Out (Original Mix) [Dongle]
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