Breakthrough San Francisco producer Ken Loi has had nothing but success in the last year. He was invited by Tiesto to play the sold-out finale to the College Invasion Tour in Los Angeles, on top of gigs in Vegas and many hometown throwdowns at Ruby Skye. A clear favorite of the god of Dutch house, he’s got a hard, driving sound that’s [...]
Ken Loi - Play Me (Original Mix) [Big Beat]
Ken Loi - Electric Neon (Original Mix) [Big Beat]
Ken Loi - Blitz (Original Mix) [Big Beat]
Digitalism is a unique group with a sound all their own, combining electro-guitar synths with upbeat sounds to churn out tune after tune. Their most recent EP features one of the tracks on this post, Blitz, which is a high-energy, feel good piece of music that for some reason reminds me very strongly of Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic. Hit up [...]
Digitalism - Blitz [Kitsune]
Digitalism - Magnets [Kitsune]
Digitalism - ZDRLT (Rewind) [Kitsune]
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