This edition of The Technodrome, LessThan3’s weekly look into the underground, is a special one. Legendary Detroit techno artist Stacey Pullen, who emerged in the early-to-mid ‘90s and hasn’t stopped since, takes the wheel for this week’s episode, serving up his five favorite tracks from his own label, Blackflag, plus a brand new mix for [...]
Youcef Elaid - Backstage (Original Mix) [Blackflag]
Nathan Barato - Can You Hear Me (Original Mix) [Blackflag]
Sergio Fernandez - Into the Deep (Original Mix) [Blackflag]
David Herrero - The Frogman (Original Mix) [Blackflag]
Stacey Pullen - Circus Act (Original Mix) [Blackflag]
Stacey Pullen - Balance 028 CD1 (Preview Edit)
After formulating a solid team of trailblazers on the Blackflag label, owner and innovator Stacey Pullen makes a triumphant return with his first solo release of 2013, Any Which Way, a psychoactive atmosphere of distorted voices, titillating synths, and a collection of remixes to satisfy your techno palate. We can look Any Which Way, but [...]
Stacey Pullen - Any Which Way (Martin Buttrich Red Remix [Blackflag]
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