READ OUR RECAP OF DAY 1 HERE I hitched an Über with some dear friends and managed to skip the walking bullsh*t today. As the black car crept toward the ocean through the gridlock on Fulton Street that I endured yesterday, I noticed the absence of rain and to a certain extent, even clouds. The City had cleaned her act up considerably [...]
Lazy Rich - Better Wipe That Up (Original Mix) [Big Fish]
Baauer x Just Blaze Feat. Jay Z - Higher
Grizmatik - My People (Original Mix)
Canadian giant Lazy Rich, electro god and owner/label manager of Big Fish Recordings, is back with another complextro banger called Better Wipe That Up. I can only guess that he means I better wipe the drool up from my keyboard, because this track is a jaw-dropper for sure. Lazy Rich has a way of making anyone else’s “big room tune” [...]
Lazy Rich - Better Wipe That Up (Original Mix) [Big Fish]
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