As one of the scene’s most coveted and unpredictable talents, Dirty Dutch ringleader Chuckie has always kept fans wondering what’s next when he’s mixing behind the decks or working diligently in the studio. Well, wonder no more. The Dutch aficionado has decided to hand out a few of his latest gems through his SoundCloud, including a wild [...]
Semi Precious Weapons - Aviation High (Chuckie Remix)
Chuckie & Betatraxx vs Slash - Rocktronica (Instrumental)
We’ve been listening to BetaTraxx for awhile around these parts. Now that he’s pulling off live tours alongside Chuckie and a new EP on Big Beat Records, it’s astonishing to see just how far this homegrown Santa Barbara talent has come. Out now exclusively on Beatport, BetaTraxx’ new Mercury EP gives us four outstanding electro tracks [...]
BetaTraxx - Panzer (Original Mix) [Big Beat]
BetaTraxx - Mercury (Original Mix) [Big Beat]
Morten Breum & BetaTraxx - Get Static (Original Mix) [Big Beat]
LessThan3 favorite BetatraXx (whom we interviewed recently) just released a new EP, and it’s free, so grab it here (click the down arrow on the right of each song title to download). Yep, you heard it right: you pay ZERO dollars. What does this talented young artist ask in return for some hot off the press, cutting-edge electro house? [...]
BetaTraxx feat Krystal - Shuffling and Looking Dumb (Original Mix)
BetaTraxx - Panzer (Original Mix)
Tim Nelson, aka BetatraXx, leads the way for a group of LA producers hellbent on advancing EDM in the US. In his LessThan3 interview, Tim tells us about SoCal’s dubstep takeover, the advantages of musicians working with websites, and where you can expect to see him next year.
Lonsdale Boys Club - Weekend (BetatraXx Remix)
So I know many of you have heard one too many bland Justice remixes. Tim Nelson aka BetaTraxx, who knew this all too well, decided to tackle We Are Your Friends anyway. Back in August, I talked a little bit about the LA-based electro prodigy. His track Foxtrot caused a buzz within the electro blogosphere and for good reason. His melodic [...]
Justice - We Are Your Friends (BetaTraxx Remix)
BetaTraxx - Drug Abuse (Original Mix)
The growing popularity of electro in the West Coast is really exciting – not only are the raves getting bigger and better, but it’s also leading to a grassroots movement for homegrown artists. This is perhaps most apparent on the blogosphere, where unknown artists seem to regularly come out of the fold with deadly tracks. One of the best [...]
BetaTraxx feat Kendahl Gold - Foxtrot (Kids at the Bar Remix)
BetaTraxx feat Kendahl Gold - Foxtrot (Lightsover LA Remix)
BetaTraxx feat Kendahl Gold - Foxtrot (Original Mix)
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