Over the years, Bondax has rightfully earned somewhat of an iconic position in the world of transcendent dance music. Consistently bridging the disparities between French house, nu disco, funk, and even a touch of R&B, the British duo got their start as teenagers and have delighted us with many of our most memorable Disco Diaries-esque [...]
Bondax & Beat Fatigue - Gold Panther
Tensnake - Feel Of Love (Boys Noize & Djedjotronic Remix) [Virgin EMI]
Flamingosis feat. BeRod - A Beautiful Soul
Titeknots - Buzzard Walk [Press Something Play Something]
The dutch are some of the tallest people in the world, but Amsterdam glitch-swing producer Beat Fatigue wouldn’t know it, because all he ever seems to do is “get down” (ba-dum-tssst). Seriously though, Sloddervos slaps like a pimp and struts like a manakin. Jazz, glitch hop, swing and horn samples collide on this free download to [...]
Beats Fatigue - Sloddervos [Adapted]
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