German standout Bastian Van Shield just released his newest original mix, Two Faced, on Bazooka Records. Bazooka has housed some large electro releases from the likes of Porter Robinson, Lucky Date, Zedd and Far Too Loud over the years, so it seems fitting for BVS to release this dancefloor killer on the prominent electro label. Two [...]
Bastian Van Shield - Two Faced (Original Mix) [Bazooka]
LessThan3 has decided to turn up the volume in Los Angeles with an exciting new event and we’d like to invite all of our friends around LA to join us. On Thursday, July 26th, the ultra-lavish Belasco Theater will be a spectacle of lights, music, and dance as we launch LA’s most vivacious EDM party: AMPLIFIED. Co-presented with our [...]
Dirty South & Thomas Gold feat Kate Elsworth - Alive (Lucky Date Bootleg)
Lucky Date - Six 16 (Original Mix) [Bazooka]
Mightyfools - Get Down (Original Mix) [Lektroluv]
It really seems like the Brazilians have electro their running in their blood–Felguk, Dirtyloud and Darth & Vader have rocked us through the past few months with their massive smashers. So maybe you’ve heard of Electrixx, and maybe you haven’t. This producer duo hails from Germany but calls the land and sounds of Brazil home. If you [...]
Electrixx - Some Beats (Original Mix) [Bazooka]
Felguk - Blow Out (Electrixx Remix) [Dongle]
Hailing from Queens, New York, Touvan Sughiarto grew up listening to electronic groups like The Crystal Method and The Prodigy. Determined to practice music production himself, Revolvr studied at school, but later commented, “the most important thing to remember is that no one alone is going to teach you, you truly have to discover for [...]
Revolvr - The Beat Goes On (Original Mix) [Big Fish]
Revolvr - The Beat Goes On (DirtyRock Remix) [Big Fish]
Revolvr & DJ Scotty Boy & DJ Red - Warface (Original Mix) [Bazooka]
In the current tradition of amplified electro comes the eccentric Vodge Diper. The last we heard of the producer, he let loose a heart-stopping remake of Dada Life’s Happy Violence, showing his own distinct style versus the rest of the electro juggernauts. The Bristol-born, South Korea-based producer has an ear for the more playful side [...]
Super Beez - No Good (Vodge Diper Remix) [Bazooka]
Mootz - Hyper Elastic (Vodge Diper Remix) [Golden Needle]
BioBlitZ - Spawn Again (Vodge Diper Remix) [ODN]
There seems to be a crazy influx of young producers really stepping up the plate in the past two years, so perhaps you won’t find it too surprising that today I’m here to present a twenty year-old who is adding to the growing genre of complextro. Orlando-based DallasK has been producing music since the age of fifteen, and he’s clearly [...]
DallasK - Front/Back (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
DallasK - Jupiter (Original Mix) [Bazooka]
DallasK - Crush (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
Vegas native DJ Scotty Boy (pictured) knows how to throw a party. A top ten American DJ for the past three years and “Best House DJ” in Las Vegas in 2010 according to DJ Magazine, two decades of mixing has apparently not dulled the man’s dance music touch–it’s enhanced it. Partnering up with Houston’s DJ Red in 2009, the two have been [...]
DJ Scotty Boy & DJ Red - Go F*ck Yourself (Original Mix) [Bazooka]
Serafin - Whut? (DJ Scotty Boy & DJ Red Remix) [Straight Up!]
If I had any doubts about Lavo being the perfect high-end NYC party spot before last night, they are certainly gone now. LessThan3 favorites Dada Life caused a ruckus at the Park Avenue club last night, complete with inflatable bananas and champagne bottles, models carrying enormous magnums of Perrier Jouet inside a sparkler-adorned [...]
Dada Life - Just Bleep Me (Original Mix) [Bazooka]
Starkillers & Alex Kenji feat Nadia Ali - Pressure (Alesso Remix) [Spinnin']
Brazilian producer Chrizz Luvly is at it again after topping the Beatport charts with his disgusting wobble breakbeat anthem, Amen, this time with a heavy hitting remix of Spencer & Hill’s big-room tune Less Go. Not much is known about the elusive producer, but after his chart-toppers last month, we’re not surprised to see this remix [...]
Spencer & Hill - Less Go! (Chrizz Luvly Remix) [Bazooka]
Chrizz Luvly - Amen (Original Mix) [Burn The Fire]
Feeling that nostalgia high to the classic Zelda theme song always gets me grinning. Like many of us who grew up with video games, an appreciation for EDM came naturally as the seeds were already there in our childhood. And so it just so happens that Zedd and Electrixx were gamers too. Bound to destroy any dancefloor, Zedd’s rendition of [...]
Zedd - The Legend of Zelda (Original Mix) [Bazooka]
Zedd - The Legend of Zelda (Electrixx Remix) [Bazooka]
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