Meet NAPT, a duo from London who sound is self-described as “pure N-Funk.” Whatever you define N-Funk as, listen to some of NAPT’s tracks and you’ll clearly see that it’s both all over the place, and intrinsically dope. In this post you’ll see that their sound forays into electro, breaks, and house, but look into more of their tunes for [...]
NAPT - Bass (Original Mix) [Red Sugar]
NAPT - Lock the P (Original Mix) [Red Sugar]
Slyde - Frequency (NAPT Remix) [Finger Lickin']
They really, really love dubstep over in the UK, but it’s no wonder. With names like Rusko, Nero, Caspa and Joker holding it down, the Brits, with a few exceptions, have a monopoly on the grimiest steps around. I’m here to reinforce that notion with another Englishman who produces some straight up destructive material. Joshua Steele, [...]
Flux Pavilion feat Foreign Beggars - Lines In Wax
So you say you like hard, bassy dubstep do you? Well, if you answered yes, then boy do I have a treat for you. More specifically, 6Blocc has a treat, and it’s anything but soft. Straight out of Golden Hill, California comes the deep-end dub hit, Legalize It (East Coast Mix). Being a dub producer from California, it seems only natural [...]
6Blocc - Legalize It (East Coast Mix)
Ganja White Night is a Belgian dubstep duo who’s determined to destroy your mind (in the best way possible). Their beats hit you with the genre’s signature heavy wobble, but also have some uplifting melodies combined with some awesome breakbeats. Here’s Gayfish from their first LP.
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