It’s no secret that we here at LT3 are serious Michael Woods fans, having collectively posted upwards of five or so of his releases. Smooth yet intense, streamlined yet complex, it’s that signature progressive sound that draws us to feature his work again and again. Here’s a collaboration with Toolroom Records owner Mark Knight–a [...]
Mark Knight & Michael Woods - Banger (Original Club Mix) [Toolroom]
Someone needs to bust into the studio and give Chris Lake an award. Not only did he have an awesome set at Electric Zoo, but his monthly podcast is among the best out there. This unstoppable force from the UK has many engaging collaborations with other DJs, including Michael Woods, Marco Lys, and Deadmau5. I was particularly curious when [...]
Nalin & Kane - Beachball (Chris Lake Remix) [Kontor]
Fast Foot is every responsible parent’s worst nightmare of who their children grow up to be. Just like a malignant cancer, this Russian crew is spreading some seriously dirty electro house around the globe. Although they aren’t very well known in the west, this fact is beginning to change. Not only have they constructed an impressive [...]
Fast Foot - 8Bit World (Original Mix)
Fast Foot - Donate (Original Mix)
Caudill & Turnipseed - Detroit is Dead (Fast Foot Remix)
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