For the amount of time he’s spent under it, you’d think Tijs Verwest, better known as Tiesto, was born under the spotlight. The prominent Dutch dance figure has had a copious amount of number one singles, headlining tours and appearances at the world’s largest festivals, but how many times has he released three banging tracks in 24 [...]
Tiesto & DJ Punish - Shocker [Musical Freedom]
Tiesto & MOTi - Back To The Acid (Original Mix) [Musical Freedom]
Tiesto & Dyro - Paradise (Original Mix) [Musical Freedom]
Good day, music lover. Hot off the digital press today, we’ve got premieres from Tiesto and New World Punx, Daft Punk and Kanye West news, and a big announcement from Plastician. New World Punx Go Deep On Romper If you’re a famous DJ, it seems like the thing to do these days is to grab the nearest equally famous DJ and form an aural [...]
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