Autograf continues their streak of strong original singles with the female vocal-driven, ambient and funky house track Metaphysical. Janelle Kroll provides the lead vocal here, and the amount of unfettered space she’s given in the top half of the mix will likely inspire more prominent pop vocalists to work with the trio in short order. [...]
Chicago trio Autograf (pictured) has released Running., their second original production after March’s Dream, and we promise you it’s impossible not to run (and dance) along to this one. A slinky bass guitar sets the foundation for the track before a crisp and simple percussion line introduces the foot-tapping groove. Lilting notes chime [...]
Autograf - Running. (Original Mix) [Free Download]
Autograf’s idyllic ditty and debut original, Dream, is getting its own remix package, and LessThan3 has the exclusive premiere of the official–and officially filthy–house remix from Fawks (pictured). LA’s bass house upstart Fawks last blipped LT3 with his mean mix of RL Grime’s Core, and he turns his remix talents on Chicago trio [...]
Chicago-based trio Autograf remixes For The Love by rap-loving bass-smith GRiZ and Talib Kweli, bringing both an ambient feel and kick-driven breaks to the soulful rap groove. Autograf crated this remix soon after their set at Electric Forest Festival, and it bears the influence of the vibe they felt during the event. The GRiZ remix is [...]
GRiZ feat. Talib Kweli - For The Love (Autograf Remix) [Free Download]
Fatboy Slim will rerelease his 2000 album Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars in June, and among the artists paying homage to the dance music legend with a remix on the LP is Chicago-based trio Autograf. Cue Mad Flava like you’ve never heard it before. Over the last year, the boys of Autograf have firmly established a unique sound [...]
Swedish phenom Alesso recently gave fans a preview of his forthcoming debut album with the progressive house anthem, Cool. Since its release, there have been a bevy of official and unofficial remixes of the catchy track by notable acts such as Sweater Beats, CRNKN, and A-Trak, to name few. Now, Chicago-based electronic music trio [...]
After championing the white-hot tropical house scene with warm-toned remixes of everyone from Lorde to Swedish House Mafia, Chicago-based trio Autograf unveils their first original production in Dream. The first unadulterated display of the Autograf sound carries itself, unsurprisingly, on a marimba melody across a 105-BPM rhythm made [...]
Each and every track from ODESZA is hot remix material at the moment, but the boys of Autograf once again show off their knack for reinventing everything they touch with a phenomenal spin, as they’ve done here on All We Need. Infusing their feel-good tropical house sound into ODESZA’s hit, the Chicago production trio succeeds in [...]
It’s pretty much common knowledge at this point that Autograf can do no wrong, but just in case you’re in need of further confirmation, check out their sensational new remix of Beware The Dog by The Griswolds. Despite their short tenure as producers, the boys of Autograf boast an impressive array of remixes that includes spins on tracks [...]
Press play. What do you hear? Some simply call it all “house.” Others call it “tropical house” or “melodic house.” Some even call it “summer house.” No matter what you want to label it, one fact is for certain: as of late, a new wave of house music has swept over the blogosphere, consistently dominated Hype Machine charts, attracted the [...]
José González - Heartbeats (filous & MOUNT Remix)
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