Those crazy Austrians are at it again. Camo & Krooked are slamming you with a brand-new EP, Pulse of Time, in just under two weeks on the 31st of January. If you recall my previous post or two about the young duo, you’ll remember how I gushed about their frenzied but very musical balance of dubstep and drum’n’bass, like a junior Nero or [...]
Camo & Krooked - Feel Your Pulse [Viper]
Camo & Krooked - Cliffhanger [Viper]
Camo & Krooked are an Austrian pair well known for their beautifully melodic drum n’ bass burners. So, when they tried their hand at making some dubstep, what resulted is probably the best new dubstep track I’ve heard in weeks. Forthcoming for release on October 3rd, Camo & Krooked’s remix of British rapper Professor Green’s Monster is [...]
Professor Green feat Example - Monster (Camo & Krooked Remix)
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