Before you proceed, note the genre on this post. If I were you, I’d buckle up. Organ Donors have never been known for subtle beats or progressive grooves. They’re more known for smashing faces in and giving you a serious case of whiplash from all that headbanging. New tune Make the Girlies Wet is one of the hardest tracks I’ve heard [...]
Organ Donors - Make the Girlies Wet (Original Mix) [Audio Surgery]
Organ Donors - Make the Girlies Wet (Breeze & Mike Modulate Remix) [Tidy]
It’s not the first time a hard dance artist has taken trance by storm, but it never gets old! A few months back, we talked about Kamui, a German duo that’s got a knack for hard trance and progressive. Now we have Organ Donors, whose track New Era was remixed by Kamui and featured on our site. Brit brothers Matt and Scott Harris have come [...]
Organ Donors - Jagged Edge (Original Mix) [Audio Surgery]
Sean Tyas - Solo (Organ Donors Remix) [Armada]
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