Bristol-based producer Artifact is little known even to the UK underground, and until now has struggled to mark himself out from an increasingly talented local pack. After a string of quietly confident dubplate releases, London label Deadplate Records plays host to Archaic Line, Artifact’s long overdue proper vinyl debut. Those who know [...]
Artifact - Archaic Line (Original Mix) [Deadplate]
Artifact - Deserted (Original Mix) [Deadplate]
Artifact - Archaic Line (Graphics Remix) [Deadplate]
Kyu Bon is a Japanese term used to describe a woman’s figure whose direct translation means “small, big.” It is also the name of a Buddhist festival held during the summertime in Japan. To the fans of up-and-coming Bristol-based producer/DJ Artifact, Kyu Bon is the name of Artifact’s latest EP, out on newly formed Texas label [...]
Artifact - Kyu Bon (Resketch Remix) [Freshmore]
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