SubSoul is a cool fusion of house music’s stately spirit, alluring soulful vocals, rich warm chords, and classic garage sophistication, all wrapped up in contemporary low-end techniques. Delving deep and exploring dance music’s sturdiest roots, the SubSoul sound is just as stimulated by the soulful New York grooves laid down by house [...]
Shadow Child feat. Typer - 23 [Food Music]
George Fitzgerald - Thinking Of You [Hotflush]
The Golden Boy - Do You [MadTech]
Disclosure has seen great success on both sides of the pond in the past year, noting their transition from a dubby sound to a more dancey vibe. They’ve just released a remix of Artful Dodger’s Please Don’t Turn Me On, which may in fact do just the opposite. Those deep, complex bass rhythms are still present as in all of Disclosure’s past [...]
Artful Dodger - Please Don't Turn Me On (Disclosure Remix)
Jessie Ware - Running (Disclosure Remix) [Ministry Of Sound]
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