After making some controversial statements about DJs and EDM producers at this year’s Coachella, it turns out that Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler is… a DJ! That’s right. The same guy that lambasted the EDM takeover of America’s festivals has been secretly spinning under the name DJ Windows 98. While Butler has been known to DJ the [...]
You’ve never heard Flume quite like this. The young Aussie talent demonstrates the breadth of his range and versatility once again with an epic (in the literal sense of the word) extended remix of Afterlife by Canadian indie rock titans Arcade Fire. The original mix is an uplifting dose of stadium-ready dance rock that borrows key [...]
Arcade Fire - Afterlife (Flume Remix)
The “EDM vs rock” debate continues to simmer, following a rash of comments on the subject from artists and media personalities alike. The first comes from deadmau5, who took to Twitter on Wednesday to berate Arcade Fire for their “surprise” Daft Punk performance at Coachella last week. In the first weekend of the festival, frontman Win [...]
Arcade Fire pulled a fast one on festivalgoers last night as the band closed out the second weekend of Coachella. Although their performance featured very real appearances from artists like Beck, who joined the band onstage to perform Prince’s Controversy, the Montreal band also brought out a fake Daft Punk (purportedly referred to as [...]
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