Volkswagen and British electronic music legends Underworld teamed up to turn your driving machine into your new favorite musical instrument. Using data from the iPhone and car’s computer system–velocity, acceleration, RPM, and even geographical location–the Play The Road app for iOS creates a dynamic soundtrack controlled by the [...]
Hey non-musicians: here’s an app that you can enjoy just as much as the musicians. Ear Wizard, a new app by Wizdom Music, helps you train your musical ear and memory—except it won’t feel anything like the music lessons you might remember from childhood, and it’s free. For starters, your instructor is a funny little wizard man with a [...]
If you haven’t already started using Mixcloud, you’re missing out. No doubt, they’re making a name for themselves in the music streaming world. They’ve just launched a completely redesigned version of their iOS app, which is available for free in the app store, so it’s easier than ever to give them a try. Mixcloud lets you listen to and [...]
As someone who has never DJed before, I was feeling pretty good about my skills after downloading the Ninja Jamm app. All I needed was a quick but comprehensive tutorial and I was ready to cut, splice, and interact with sounds made by top electronic artists from the Ninja Tune label. Ninja Tune is a British EDM label started by DJs Matt [...]
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